Regional Cooperation and European Integration

During the ’90s, CESS has cooperated with several research teams and universities from Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc., regarding economic cooperation among Balkan countries. CESS has also organized international conferences/workshops concerning migration and returning of migrants in Western Balkans.

In the realization of projects in the field of regional cooperation and European Integration, CESS collaborates with a group of researchers and academics. Some of them are:

Mr. Egest Gjokuta Graduated for European Studies in the University of Maastricht and Holds a Master Degree in International Relations. He has extensive experience in international NGO sector focusing on policy issues, analytical work and project management issues. He is specialised in EU relations affairs and development policy issues. He has been working for over seven years in different research projects related to issues such as Albanian civil society development, Albanian-EU relations, and aspects of social reform in the country related to EU integration. He has been an author/co-author in several research policy papers related to Albania and regional EU integration issues.

Prof. Petrit Nathanaili is a professor in the Department of History, International Relations Division, in the Faculty of History and Philology at the University of Tirana. His main areas of research are contemporary history, international relations and European integration in the Balkans. He is an expert in and worked for the Council of Europe to review the history and design of history textbooks. He wrote a series of articles in various journals in Albania and abroad. He is the author of several academic books in the field of history and international relations.